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The drive-in cinema is back with AIRSCREEN

The drive-in cinema revolution with AIRSCREEN


Ready to ship! AIRSCREEN classic 9m (30ft) with 2m (7ft) lower edge
  • Includes 1 screen surface 9.15mx 5.15m (30ft x 17ft), fastening straps, 220V blower

  • Distance from floor to lower edge of screen: 2m

  • No waiting! This model is immediately available from the Münster warehouse

  • only EUR 12,590 (purchase price)

(Net price, immediately available, but only a limited number)


Introducing the new AIRSCREEN drive 9m (30ft) with 2.5m (8ft) lower edge
  • Project 2 films at the same time on 2 screens

  • Includes 2 screen surfaces 9.15mx 5.15m (30ft x 17ft), fastening straps, 220V blower

  • Possibility of projection on the front and back side of the AIRSCREEN

  • With two projectors and 2 transmitters (not included) more variety

  • AIRSCREEN drive is placed in the middle of the square with cars on both sides 

  • Ideal for approx. 100 cars, approx. 50 per side

  • only EUR 15,990 (purchase price)


 + FM transmitters including antenna and cables from EUR 2,490

 + Projectors (for Blu-Ray, streaming content) from EUR 8,990


(Net purchase prices, currently very high demand, approx. 1-2 weeks delivery time)


Ainda se lembra do bom e velho drive-in cinema ? Nos oferecemos a solução completa para esse setor que vem crescendo cada vez mais! Com a tecnologia de transmisão FM para o audio nos carros e projector Full HD, a AIRSCREEN garente a experiencia drive-in completa!

Os pacotes AIRSCREEN drive in cinema são de facil instalação e alto nivel de confiabilidade!


Clique aqui para conhecer nosso brochure AIRSCREEN drive-in cinema

Download our drive-in cinema brochure with prices