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Which AIRSCREEN model suits me?

AIRSCREEN® - The inflatable screen

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AIRSCREEN is an inflatable frame with an attached projection screen. A system of tensioning tethers & ratchets secures the perfect fixation up to 24 mph or 38 km/h. For average sizes, it takes 30 - 60 minutes to install and even less to be removed. With its low weight, AIRSCREEN is suited for all locations: heritage sites, the middle of a dessert or high on a mountain top.


We have designed 3 different models to perfectly fit all needs:

  • recommended for 20 to 50 viewers
  • airtight frame: no blower needed when inflated
  • inflated in under a few seconds
  • can be carried easily by just one person


AIRSCREEN airtight
  • recommended for 100 to 400 viewers
  • airtight frame: no blower needed when inflated
  • inflated in a few minutes
  • ideal for in- and outdoor events, esp. when the audience is close to the screen


  • recommended for 200 up to 5,000+ viewers
  • not an airtight frame: a blower constantly pumps air into the frame
  • ideal for larger events and rough surroundings

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    Maximum stability, safety and durability

    What makes AIRSCREEN special?
    • rock solid frame due to the high frequency PVC welding process
    • wrinkle-free screen surface for a perfect projection
    • certified fixation system: up to 38km/h or 24mph wind speed
    • no fire risk: certified flame retardant materials made in Germany
    • non-toxic: materials certified by the European REACH regulation
    • a long life: many AIRSCREENS are still in use after 10+ years

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    Frequently Asked Questions