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  • AIRSCREEN classic 7.32m x 4.12m in Dubai

  • AIRSCREEN nano 3m x 1.70m on the Seychelles

  • AIRSCREEN classic 20m x 10m in Dubai

  • AIRSCREEN classic 20m x 10m in Chile

  • AIRSCREEN classic 12m x 6m in England

  • AIRSCREEN classic 6.10m x 3.43m in Mexico

  • 4x AIRSCREEN classic 12m x 6m in Spain

  • AIRSCREEN classic 7.32m x 4.12m in Italy

AIRSCREEN - highest quality inflatable screens


There are 3 different AIRSCREEN® models:


AIRSCREEN nano - our smallest yet big inflatable screen. The nano does not need a permanently running blower. It just takes a minute to inflate and can be set up and carried by just one person.


AIRSCREEN airtight - the AIRSCREEN that does not need a blower when inflated due to its completely airtight frame structure.

AIRSCREEN classic - here the blower pumps permanently air into the frame and gives it the stability AIRSCREEN stands for in the market.

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Or call / email us: +49 251 60 90 250 / - we'll be happy to answer all your questions. Most of our AIRSCREEN models and sizes are ready to ship in our warehouse so you can enjoy an immediate delivery.

AIRSCREEN® is so much more than just any inflatable movie screen. AIRSCREEN® guarantees the highest quality possible you expect from the Original invented in 1994 by Günter Ganzevoort.


To join the layers of the special AIRSCREEN® PVC fabric, we use the advanced hf-welding process to avoid potential structural weakness caused by perforation of the tube fabric when mechanical sewing is involved.


AIRSCREEN's unique hf-welding process creates a rock-solid and stable frame, so the projection surface is always wrinkle free and nicely stretched. Your outdoor movie experience will be as nice as in your favorite cinema - but this time with the stars above you!


Choosing AIRSCREEN® is the smart decision for those who seek maximum stability, safety and durability.

Compare these "competing" products that have sewn seams to our innovative hf-welding from the original AIRSCREEN and you find out why we think sewing machines are meant to be used with textiles. We don't see the reason why there should be thousands of little holes in your new frame! And we know that the pressure released through them will negatively affect the stability. Don't let your event be spoilt by these kind of problems.

Go for the Original! Go for AIRSCREEN!

Some AIRSCREENS are in constant use for more than 10 years. That's what we call German quality engineering.


AIRSCREEN® is a registered European trade mark of The AIRSCREEN Company, Germany

AIRSCREEN uses patent protected high technology.



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