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Nuestros clientes sobre AIRSCREEN

"I returned from the seaside, where we had an open air cinema. Everything was working fine with the AIRSCREEN®, so thank you."

 -D. Vashadze, Georgia


"The AIRSCREEN® was definitely the perfect tool for such a presentation as it allowed everyone to sit comfortably and enjoy the stunning view of a 16m x 8m screen. […] and since the AIRSCREEN® can still operate in rainy conditions, the show went on until the end. The university management was very impressed by the AIRSCREEN®. Thanks for your endless support of our project."

 -T. Tabona, Gaborone, Botswana


"Due to the recent storms in South Florida, especially Hurricane Wilma, much of the trees and landscaping which used to help shear surface winds are gone. The AIRSCREENS® still perform flawlessly each and every time."

 -N. Toutoungi, Florida, USA


"Our AIRSCREEN® is great! We are enjoying it very much. So far we have had over 40 events and each time the screen performs wonderfully. Thank you for checking in on us."

 -C. Councill, Georgia, USA


"This is the world's most beautiful cinema."

 -J. Katzenberg (DreamWorks SKG) about the world premiere of "Shark Tale" on a giant AIRSCREEN® in Venice, Italy


"The inflatable screen by the waterfront was another genuine delight. To sit in the open space amongst thousands of movie-goers, in silence, sharing in the same experience, was extraordinary."

 -F. Taghon, Traverse City, USA


"Stunning, awesome and exciting to watch our outdoor movie event come to life on the huge inflatable screen, against the backdrop of the Caribbean, under the stars, to raise funds and awareness for the Bahama Babies Relief Fund”

 -L. Tuchel, Freeport, Bahamas

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